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Whilst you are studying in the USA, studying in the UK or studying in the Canada you will have a variety of accommodation options available to you. Of course, this is very dependent on what college or university you are attending as some schools have halls of residence and others don't.

When you sign up for a particular college or university, you will need to indicate that you will require accommodation (unless you have something pre-arranged).
Do not assume that you will automatically be given accommodation, but generally as an international student you will be given priority over other students.

Most students live in private accommodation. This gives you the flexibility to:
1) live near your campus or elsewhere in the town;
2) choose your own flatmates;
3) find a property to suit your budget;
4) pay your rent monthly; and
5) choose your facilities (especially useful for couples or families). International undergraduate / postgraduate students and some students with disabilities can apply for a place in University's halls of residence.    

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