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Australia is also one of favoured destinations for Indian Students. There has been a decline by over 30% in the last few years but after two years of tumbling fortunes, the tide seems to be turning in favour of Australian universities, as more and more Indian students are opting to study Down Under.

The Australian Immigration Department has recorded a 21 percent rise in student visa applications from India in the first six months this year. Now the Australian Immigration Department has relaxed visa rules for Indian students. So these new changes would mean that students now need to demonstrate lesser funds in order to obtain a visa for higher education.

For all student visa applications to be lodged on or after April 1, 2011, students will need to show funds for only two years of their studies instead of the current three-year requirement. Moreover, such funds need now to be only three months old against the previous six months requirement.

We provide guidance to each student, helping them to select a suitable college or university according to their chosen course, preferred city and budget. Generally, big cities like Melbourne and Sydney are more expensive, tuition fees and living cost being higher. In 98% cases, parents are the main sponsors of overseas studies. We suggest genuine colleges and universities enabling parents to make informed decisions on affordability, fees and living expenses for their children.

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